2 Ways to Create ISO Files with UltraISO and DaemonTools!

Here’s how to create an ISO file using 2 easy methods on PC, complete with instructions, images and download links.

An ISO is an archive of data created before being stored on a CD or DVD. This file can be burned to CD using a specific program.

Do you want to create an ISO file to save on DVD?

ISO files are not only used for DVD storage but can also be used to include program installation files.

So when you open an ISO file with a specific program, the installer will open automatically as if you were using a DVD/CD.

The way to make ISO is too easy, you guys can use 2 mainstay programs from Jaka below, see more!

2 Ways to Create ISO Files Easily!

An ISO is a disk image or archive of an optical disc. An ISO file can be a model of a system file such as a DVD or CD.

You can create or open an ISO file in various ways, the easiest is to use a special program for ISO. Jaka prefers to use UltraISO and DaemonTools.

Either of these methods that you use on PC, you can combine any files and combine them into one file with ISO format.

Take a look at all the methods below:

1. UltraISO

The first thing is to use the program UltraISO. This program is a tool for creating and opening ISO files.

You can download the file here:

This program can do a lot of things, from creating and opening ISO files to burning ISO files to CDs or DVDs.

Here’s how to create an ISO file using UltraISO:

  • Open UltraISO. Drag the file you want to create an ISO into into the column on the right. as shown below
  • Click Save As in the menu.
  • Choose your destination folder. Make sure the file format is ISO, then click Save to save the file. Okay!

2. DaemonTools

The second way is to use DaemonTools. This program has a more interactive and neat page interface.

DaemonTools is imaging software used by professionals. You can mount or combine image files like ISO in large sizes.

There are 3 editions you can choose from DaemonTools, each with its own features. For those who want to create a small ISO file, you can choose the DaemonTools Lite version.

With this software, ISO files can be created in any format. Here’s how to create an ISO file with DaemonTools Lite:

  • Open daemontools Lite and select Image Editor.
  • Select Create a visualization. to begin creating the ISO file.
  • Enter the files you want to group via the ‘+’ sign, then verify that the format is ISO standard. Click Start to start merging them into ISO files.
  • Wait until the merging process is complete. Congratulations you created the ISO file!

That’s how to create an ISO file in 2 easy ways. With this method, you don’t need to share the file via DVD or CD, but can through the ISO file.

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