No installation! These 8 original ghost detection Android apps

Intrigued by the figure wandering around you? Download the original ghost detector app for the following Android phones.

Previously, JalanTikus wrote about a ghost detection app called Ghost Radar . It turns out that in addition to Ghost Radar, there are several other apps that can be used to detect the presence of ghosts.

If you are curious about how many ghosts are around you. You can try one of the most accurate native ghost detection Android apps below.

But Jaka is not responsible for the consequences that will hit you after installation. Here are the full reviews:

The Most Accurate Real Ghost Detector Android App

1. Ghost Radar Ultimate Prank

Ghost Radar Ultimate Prank is an Android ghost detector app designed to find the location of ghosts and detect paranormal activity wherever they are.

Using a variety of smartphone sensors to scan, this app can quickly detect the presence of ghosts near you.

This Android Ghost Radar Ultimate Prank detection app is 4.6 MB in size and has been downloaded over 1 million times in the Play Store.

2. Ghost Camera Radar Prank

Ghost Camera Radar Joke is an Android app that will turn an Android camera into a ghost capture camera. The ghosts seen on camera will be very real. So, make sure you don’t be afraid when using it.

Ghost Detector Radar Joke ghost detection app is 11MB in size and has been downloaded on the Playstore over 1 million times.

3. Ghost Radar Camera

Ghost Radar Camera is an app that can be used to find ghosts from photos you have taken before. Users can also add different types of ghost images in each photo.

The most accurate ghost detection app on Android Ghost Radar Camera is 4.1 MB and has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

4. Ghost Detector

Ghost Detector is an app that will analyze different types of energy around you and display it on a radar. Additionally, this app also detects various frequencies of electronic products, such as TVs, routers, computers, chargers, cell phones, etc.

The Ghost Detector app is 1.1MB in size and has been downloaded over a million times.

5. Camera ghost radar

Camera Ghost Radar is this app that will turn your Android camera into a ghost capture camera. Be careful, the ghost that appears here can be beautiful and also very scary.

Ghost Detector Camera Ghost Radar app measures 8.3MB and has been downloaded over 5 million times.

6. Ghost Detector Pro

Ghost Detector Pro is one of the best ghost detection apps on Android. This app can detect various magnetic waves using the Android sensor. There are different skins that you can try while detecting ghosts.

The Ghost Detector Pro Ghost Detector app is 13 MB in size and has been downloaded over 1 million times on the Play Store.

7. Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar is an Android paranormal app which is useful in detecting all the ghosts around you. Ghost Radar will scan around you and show how many ghosts there are.

Ghost Radar Ghost Detector app measures 4.8 MB and has been downloaded over 5 million times in the Play Store.

8. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector

The last one is the ghost sensor – EM4 detector . This ghost detection application is made by Nextep Ent. This app will provide sensor if there are ghosts around you. The closer the ghost is, the more powerful the sensor will be.

This is the most accurate variety of Android ghost detection apps you can try. If you have another app, you can share it in the comments column.

You must know, the above applications are intended to work on friends. The app cannot be used to detect real ghosts. Good luck!

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