BBM iOS Mod: Change the Android BBM View Like the Latest iPhone BBM Version

Changing the appearance of BBM Android to look like BBM iPhone iOS is now easier with the help of the latest version of BBM Mod iOS.

Changing the look of BBM Android to look like BBM on iPhone iPhone devices is now easier with the following BBM MOD iOS application. With this application, users only need to reinstall BBM to get an iPhone / iOS-like display.

BBM MOD iOS made by Erwin Tomy has a refined appearance and is almost similar to iPhone BBM. For how to install BBM MOD iOS is also not too difficult. In the following article, JalanTikus will provide a review. Here’s the latest BBM MOD: How to Change Android BBM Look Like iPhone BBM.

BBM iOS MOD: Change BBM Android View Like BBM iPhone

Features of BBM MOD iOS

For its features, BBM Mod iOS has several interesting features such as

  • No ads
  • NO backup free stickers
  • Hide / Show Sponsors
  • Enable / disable Full DP
  • Angle Radius DP
  • Move to SD card
  • Auto Rotation
  • Version Changes
  • Minimum ram
  • New Settings View
  • New Advanced Settings View
  • Changes to Checkbox Styles
  • Color Change Bubble Out
  • Smooth

How to Change the Appearance of BBM Android Like BBM iPhone

  • Choose one of BBM MOD iOS and download BBM MOD iOS on your Android: BBM Mod iOS
  • Once downloaded, perform the installation as usual.
  • Open BBM MOD iOS and enter using your BBM username and password.
  • Wait for a while until the process is complete and you can automatically use BBM MOD iOS on your Android.

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